Monday, August 31, 2015


Having undergone a cornea transplant a week ago in additional to cataract surgery, I was unable  to read my emails let alone update this blog.

However I must write and inform all that despite my poor medical condition, as I have no functioning kidneys and had a tow amputated due to diabetes and now loss of eyesight in one eye with the other partially affected, I have received a letter of demand from one Logan Raj kali Kavandan via his lawyers.

I am this seeking legal advice pro bono from legal eagles that wish to represent me in this matter.

I sought the assistance of a friend to type out this update as I am unable to read now type at this moment due to the eye surgery.

God bless the Juniors of 1993 who have organized a charity match on September 5 for my benefit. You are truly Angels that are God sent.