Saturday, September 19, 2015


From the little I studied maths, 100 days is a culmination of 100 days to mark a particular day.

For instance, when a new government or Minister takes office, their plans or effectiveness is always measured by the 100 days factor.

Thus it comes as a surprise when claim that MHC new office bearers will announce a so called grand plan to mark their 100 days at the helm next Wednesday.

Any child who can do plus and minus in maths will tell you that 100 days, from May 13 till August 20 is the correct time frame.

And they have achieved zilch in the 100 days.

Let's list out the failures ;

1. Ran the MHL like a B grade movie, rushing the knockout stages in a week, facing scant respect to the Division One

2. Failed to make the Olympics with teams like Brazil, Ireland and Canada making it there .

3. unsure if the Razak Cup will be held where.

4. never paid their debts to umpires and technical officials for the Junior League.

Lots more but as I feel some just will bark at anything as long as they get something in return .......