Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Man/ Women to run Razak Cup

Malaysian Hockey will have an Event Manager in place before the Tun Razak Cup which is scheduled for May 21-29.

In disclosing this, MHC Deputy President George Koshy who is also Chairman of the Conpetitions Committee said that interviews of the candidates had been completed and he will present the names to the Executive Board after the Conoetitions Conmittee endorses the candidate at its May 7 meeting.

" A total of 9 candidates applied and 4 were shortlisted for interview,'said Koshy.

" But only 3 turned up for the interview, one of whom is a women.

'Hopefully we can complete the appointment by the middle of this month and the candidate will be handling the Tun Razak Cup as his/her first assignment."

The position has been vacant since December 2015 following the resignation of Hashim Mohd Yusof. The closing date for applications was February 29.

Though Koshy would not reveal any names, it is believed that a former Hockey official and a former secretary of another sport are amongst the front runners for the job.