Thursday, May 5, 2016

The MHL Saga

While we are still stumbling to find a proper date for the MHL, Pakistan has gone miles ahead and announced a league similar to the Hockey India League.

Although security remains a big question mark in Pakistsn, it has not stopped them from planning and announcing the League that is set to be launched this September.

A brief insight - it will be a five team affair with each team getting between 8-10 foreign players. And the sponsors have been confirmed.

Now let's look at our planning - the MHL tone held in August/September, smack in the middle of the Olympics thus ensuring we will not get to secure the services of players from the top 12 countries.

All because the national teams are playing in the Austrslian National League - something similar to out own Razak Cup.

There is a window available in November/December, but the argument being put forward is that the women's team are preparing for the World League Rounf 2.

So what's the big deal? Hold the women's league in August and the men's in December.

Go one step further, hold the men's division one in August as well and promote the two top teams to plsy in the Premier Division later in the year. Makes sense right? But it will not to the powers that be as only they know what's right.

One of the key issues raised by teams in the MJHL and the Women's Lesgue was the lack of publicity for both tournaments, especially the Second Dovision of the MJHL.

The problem lies simply with the way the fixtures were done and the timing of the competitions, not to mention the Media Committee failed to wry out its duties.

So fat hopes of the leagues are held together in August.

Thinking out of the box is not something many are accustomed to simply because decision makers have bested interests and that's why Hockey will always lose out.

No point giving ideas here as some can only say " old man who is senile" but why not these experts come out with solutions instead of just holding on to positions for fame, power and money!!