Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hockey News Updates

Have not been writing of late Nor due to any fear of anyone except God.

Rather I lost my right eye through an infection on the right cornea that caused a scar on the cornea. This was the same eye I did a cornea transplant a year ago but rejection took place only part week.

Well another visit to the operation room in 2 weeks time, pocket permitting.

Back to Hockey news that matters, so will pen some updates that matter and are factual.

  1. Terengganu HT has withdrawn their team from Division zone of the MHL thus only 8 teams remain. Reasons for withdrawal unknown.

  1. Team managers meeting and fixtures of MHL will be released on December 29, as will the draw for the knockout tournament.

  1. Premier league matches will be played on Wednesday,Friday, Sunday's with Division One on Thursday and Saturday. Oddly Premier League on home and away but Division One will be played one round league.

  1. PDRM not allowed to field their employees who are national players , but employer ruling has been in place since League started in 1987. What will happen to 2 national players if PDRM decides not to release them for any other club? They are expected to commission out in early February.

  1. Will THT be fined for withdrawing after closing date? Regulations used to impose 3 year ban but no action was taken against THT women who are back this year after withdrawing lady tear after closing of entries.

  1. why were UITM allowed to join premier league without submitting the list of players to show they have the required standards to compete? THT was forced to do this many years ago.

  1. Tournament officials of last MHL yet to be paid their claims despite next league about to commence.

  1. KLHA stadium said to he not fit to accommodate night matches for the forthcoming MHL.

  1. When will national team train as World League is in March? A clarification is needed as preparation can be affected and team should be priority.

  1. Will there be any increase in prize money for the MHL? That was the promise that MHL will be re-branded and seen in a different light.

  1. Just how many matches of the MHL will be telecast live as Badminton has virtually all its league matches beamed live to our living rooms. There was a significant increase last season and we pray for more.

  1. With KLHA Stadium being used by at least 4 teams ( KLHC, UniKL, TNB and Thunderbolts) a meeting with City Hall should be initiated to improve the facilities at this venue.

  1. After 4 years the National Infoor Championships was held in Johor last weekend but there was hardly any publicity. Also missing were the two challenge trophies presented by Al Mahrum Sultan Azlan Shah named the Raja Ashman and Tengku Bainun trophy. ATM and Malacca won the event held in Ipoh in 2012 and even the outgoing FIH President was present. So where and we're the trophies not utilised?

We are all here to help the sport, to improve things, always ready to help if asked.

Unlike some who hold on to positions for fame and power yet hardly contribute.