Wednesday, April 25, 2012

IF ONLY......

If only there were more officials in the Malaysian Hockey Confederation like Dato Abdul Rahim Ariff that can accept constructive criticism with an open mind.

Following the post titled What A Sham, Dato Rahim took the trouble to contact this blogger to clarify matters.

" It is true that Shamala was at the Competition Committee but it was based on an invite as I wanted someone from the women's side to be there as well, " said Dato Rahim.

" Her presence was to ensure that the women's side get equal representation and also brief us on the competitions run previously.

" As for including her into the committee, she is not a member of the main committee but the working committee.

" However as pointed out it may not be a suitable solution and I shall seek some clarification from Shamala and Raja Puan Sri Noorashikin on who should sit in the working committee.

" We require someone within women's hockey that can handle their competitions and work alongside the working committee."

Dato Rahim said that it did not cross their mind that Shamala was a Senior Vice President and that based on hierarchy it was not proper for her to sit as a member when the person chairing was a Vice President.

" I will resolve this matter as it is vital we adhere to the requirements of the constitution," added Dato Rahim.

Footnote: the women's team lost 0-4 against Azerbaijan in their opening Olympic Qualifier. So with the half sharing concept guess the men are equally to blame.