Friday, October 29, 2010

In 40 rests the fate of Malaysian hockey

Time and again, Malaysian sport has been betrayed by the very men entrusted with the task of keeping the flame of the game burning bright.

It is a sacred duty these men are sworn implicitly to perform the moment they offer themselves for office.

But that is rarely the case in this country where self-interest and bigotry outweigh all other moral considerations.

The fate of Malaysian hockey once again rests in the hands of the 40 delegates from the states and affiliates who will, together with the outgoing council members entitled to vote, elect those who will govern the sport for the next term.

The 40 have a heavy responsibility as it is their choice of officials which will ultimately determine whether the rot continues or if hockey has even a chance of making a recovery.

As it is, they have a rather poor record in their choice of candidates as the decrepit state of the game clearly shows.

Because their decisions have often been dictated by sentiment and prejudice rather than good sense, the men they picked have often lacked the quality and
ability to do the job.

To put it bluntly, they have been duds - jesters and eunuchs who put hockey to the sword through their incompetence and indifference.

For far too long have the delegates failed in their moral obligation to ensure that only the qualified lead the association.

For far too long has the game suffered at the hands of mediocrity and less.

That has been a gross dereliction of responsibility on the part of the delegates. An injustice to the game. A betrayal of the trust of the fans, the people, the state and the nation.

Of course these delegates don't see it that way. Not when the prevailing culture and thinking is warped by the politics of greed, venality, hate and spite.

It is time to change all that. The decisions we make determine our futures. The onus is on the delegates to take responsibility for their vote and elect the right men.

Perhaps then hockey will have a chance. Perhaps then the sport will draw genuine talent, men and women of true calibre who will be encouraged by the knowledge that there will always be fairplay in the MHF.

It is time for the delegates to search their souls, do the honorable thing and commit their votes to the future of the sport. Or, forever be damned for making the wrong choices - again.

Malaysians will know just who to blame if the game continues to suffer at the hands of the incompetent.

It will be the 40 who chose to put them in charge... or not.