Sunday, October 31, 2010



Deputy : Nur Azmi

VP - Dato Che Khalib, Dato Rahim, Gobi, Manjit Majid

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1130- Meeting commences

1135- Speech by Tengku Mahkota, President of MHF as below.

Admin - have always kept an eye and provided advice to improve administration. We have only five staff and not easy for such an organization and understrength.

13 management meetings and seven council meetings, met often enough. We were rated and 63 percent by OCM, and were rated A by the Sports Comm Office.

We have weakness with regards to the performance of national team, sadly we did not perform well but not that bad either. We are stagnant and need to do something.

Look in depth and give national team a chance. Am trying the best to beef up team and on learning curve. Have some ideas to improve team but need constructive ideas from affiliates.

With regards to the constitution that we need to improvise with obsolete clauses. I welcome views towards improving our constitution towards the betterment of the sport. Secretary and Treasurer appointed to avoid any conflict and avoid politics. The reason for the increase of term to four years is to meet key performance index, so we need to give this a try and see how it works.

Elections, many are keen and was surprised I was not challenged. Democracy is still alive within MHF.

We have to respect the views of writers and bloggers as they too have a view.

I want all the candidates to work together and do not want a split MHF as I can always exit if I find continued split within MHF.

Moving forward, on development we have the 1MAS program and hope it works well. Do not want it to be mere program and it should not fail. Will go to visit personally. The PM will launch it on December 13. This if done well we will get more corporate sponsors and we even are looking to outsource it.

Thank the PM and every ringgit spent is accountable and wisely spent on players and not officials. Thank Dato Zolkples the NSC DG for monitoring the program.

National team at Commonwealth did not do well. We approved the request by coaches to send full team. But against India it showed we can perform but after that we just went down. We need to improve and result was not acceptable and it's China we target now towards the road to Olympics. If we fail at Asian Games then we have to look at the qualifiers.

Not only are we looking at Nat Team, but I feel we should have two national teams and two junior teams. We lack a big base.

We have Nat Team, a 2013 team and another a 2017 team. We are short of quality players.

All other countries depend on younger players and Pakistan even had a 15 year old in New Delhi. Therefore 1 MAS must deliver.

The 2013 team have performed well and behave well as well.

As for 2017, we need to give them time and will provide exposure and will appoint a consultant for this. We will have a database and will be launched next year.

States will have to play a major role and not compete but complement the efforts of the national body.

Also wish to thank the Competition Committee for a job well done to carry out the various tournaments over the period in office.

We should target the title for the Azlan Shah Cup as it's the 20th edition.

As for finance, we will increase the prize money by 30 per cent in the next MHL so as to make it more prestigious.

We also increased the organizational cost for states playing hosts from RM25,000 to RM30,000. We are sensitive to needs of states.

An incentive scheme to organize the Under 18 league, we will provide RM3,000 to RM15,000 as a grant to encourage youth program to help develop more players.

We have until June 2010 paid off all our debtors totaling RM1.4 million and thank all those who have helped me.

We have a surplus at the moment if RM3.2 million including the RM2 million from the federal government, and maybe even NSC do not know.

The PM has set us a target to be in the top 10 and I have set that as our goal.

Personally I hope we will continue to improve.

Wish to thank the PM and all those who sponsored MHF and we pray they continue to do so in the coming years.

12.15- speech of President ends

12.20- minutes of last AGM, annual report, accounts are approved.

12.25- election of office bearers commences.

Tengku Abdullah opts not to vote in the elections so there will only be 36 votes to decide positions.

1245- Voting for Deputy Presidents position completed and Vice Presidents votes are being cast.