Friday, November 12, 2010


MHF had high expectations that they will be given the chance to host the 2012 London Olympics Qualifiers but lost the bid as FIH awarded the host job to Japan and India with the third venue yet to be decided.

18 teams will play in 3 qualifiers and Malaysia could get an opportunity to play host should India win gold at the Asian Games next week.

However if India fails, then there is a possibility that Malaysia could well be playing in the third qualifier that may well be held in an European country or even in South America.

Meanwhile The Netherlands will be the host nation for the Men’s and Women’s FIH World Cups in 2014.

The decision was confirmed by the Executive Board and announced on Thursday evening at a special ceremony at the FIH Congress and Forum in Montreux, Switzerland.

“It was an incredibly difficult decision to make”, said FIH President Leandro Negre shortly after revealing the winner.

“The bids from The KNHB and England Hockey were both outstanding, two of the best that we have ever seen. It was a very close decision, but we offer our congratulations to The Netherlands, who we are sure will stage an unforgettable double World Cup event.

England Hockey's bid has reinforced their importance as a partner for future FIH events, and we are keen to maximise the use of London 2012's legacy facility.”

The Men’s and Women’s FIH World Cup will take place in The Hague between 2 – 15 June 2014.

The FIH revealed the tournament cycle for the next four years. The following tournament allocations are proposed, subject to finalizing the contractual arrangements.

Tournaments 2011-2014.


FIH Indoor World Cup – Poland, 8-13 February.

FIH Women’s Champions Trophy, The Netherlands, 25 June-3 July

FIH Men’s Champions Trophy – India, 26th November-4th December.

FIH Women’s Champions Challenge 1 – Ireland, 18/19 – 25/26 June

FIH Men’s Champions Challenge 1 – South Africa, Dates TBC

FIH Women’s Champions Challenge 2 – Austria, 8-14 May

FIH Men’s Champions Challenge 2 – France, 3-9 July


FIH Olympic Qualifiers: Azerbaijan (W) TBC / Japan (M&W) – 25 April – 6 May / India (M&W) – February / Final Men’s Qualifier location and date TBD.

World Series Rounds 1 & 2 – TBC

FIH Women’s Champions Trophy – Argentina, February

FIH Men’s Champions Trophy – Australia, June

Olympic Test Event – London, 2-6 May

London 2012 Olympic Games – 27 July – 12 August


World Series Round 3: Pakistan (M) – February / Germany (M) – June / Netherlands (W) – June / China (W) – June

World Series Round 4: India (M) – 8-15 September / Argentina (W) – December

Junior World Cup (M&W) - India, 2-17 November 2013


World Series Round 1 – Details TBC

FIH Men’s Champions Trophy – Argentina, February

FIH Women’s Champions Trophy – India, February

FIH Champions Challenge 1 – TBC

FIH Champions Challenge 2 – TBC

FIH Men’s & Women’s World Cup – The Netherlands, 2-15 June

World Series Round 2 – TBC

Youth Olympic Games – China, 16-28 August 2014.


FIH Indoor World Cup – Germany, 3-8 February