Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Pakistan hockey player Rehan Butt has been offered to play in this year’s Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) with the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) granting him permission given that his schedule did not clash with his national duties.
“I was offered to play for one of the clubs in Malaysia,” Rehan toldThe Express Tribune. “But currently I’m in negotiations with the club and, in the meantime, I’ve discussed the offer with the federation as well and they did not object to it.”
MHL, a top league competition for field hockey, allows a maximum of three foreign players. But all the foreign players must obtain International Transfer Certificates (ITC) from their respective countries or clubs before signing up. Syed Imran Ali Warsi, Ali Raza, Mohammad Sarwar, Abdul Asim Khan, Yasir Islam and Sohail Abbas have played for various clubs in the MHL since 2005.
“The federation has allowed me to play in the league and I will certainly complete the rest of the formalities after competing in the Asian Games for Pakistan,” added Rehan. “Currently I don’t want to muddle myself up with any other commitment because my focus is on the Asian Games.”