Saturday, March 19, 2011


The next ten days will see a flurry of activities in the hockey scenario in Malaysia.

Today will see either KLHC or Sapura be crowned champions of the MHL and at the KLHA Stadium the semis of the National Under 16 Tournament will be held. At 3.30pm KL will take on Kelantan in the first semis while at 5.30pm it will see Malacca battling Perak for the other final spot.

And tomorrow at 5.30pm, the final of the National Under 16 will be held at KLHA Stadium.

On March 22, the logo of the MHF-MILO-NSC Junior Hockey League will be revealed and a day later the Razak Cup will be launched.

And the MJHL gets underway on March 25 with the Razak Cup on April 2.

But behind all these feel good factors, there are voices of discontent within the MHF affiliates.

Top most is the arbitrary manner in which fixtures of the competitions are being drawn up, with no regards given to the teams, and such high handed manner is not going un-noticed.

There is a Competition Committee but it's members are not consulted with regards to the fixtures. One look at the Under 16 fixtures will show you that it's an amateurish attempt and this does not bode well for the Secretariat.

Then there is the issue of Stephen van Huizen, who it seems has stated his case of not being at ease with the job description for the Coordinator job he has been assigned to.

Seems a meeting of the MHF National Team Management Committee will be held soon in an attempt to pacify Stephen. But will it resolve the issue?

Some have labelled Stephen's position as akin to a glorified clerk and looking at the job description, which sorely lacks technical input, the label is not wrong by a mile.

Next we have the case of national team manager, where George Koshy has been asked to take on the task again but has said that he will only decide after the MHL finals.

There are issues with regards to Koshy and certain officials, in addition to him bogged down with his work, but chances are he might not accept the position.

Moving on from there, coaches and affiliates are not too happy that Lim Chiow Chuan has been entrusted with the head honcho job for the Project 2017 squad.

Although the Coaching Chairman Manjit Majid Abdullah had said that Lim's appointment was only till end of 2012, many do not see the necessity of him coaching the team when his priorities should be the 1MAS program.

The team will play in the Razak Cip and it's qualifiers from April till July, meaning four months of time that Lim has to juggle between both, and not forgetting the year end tours that are planned.

So the murmurs of discontent continue in the case of Lim as 1MAS seek a replacement for Saiful Azli who quit in a huff in February.

And lastly to those within MHF that claim that my silence had been bought, does this posting answer you loud and clear?