Monday, March 21, 2011

Fixture Blunder

Blunder in drawing up the fixtures has moved the qualifiers of the Tun Razak Cup from April to end of May.

Initially the qualifying tournament was to commence on April 2 but with the MJHL ongoing some states threatened to withdraw as they could not utilize the services of players who were representing their clubs in the junior league.

Hence it was then decided that the qualifiers be moved to the end of May with a break in June to accommodate the Under 21 Tournament and the qualifiers are to be completed at the end of June.

This development does not augur well for MHF as they are seen to have developed a flip flop approach and shows that the Competition Committee does not have a firm grip in deciding matters thus even leading for one Secretary to call for the committee to be dissolved.

An official statement on this matter is expected to be made today by MHF but it must be made clear that one persons ignorance and arrogance has put MHF , especially it's hard working Secretary in a difficult position as much time is spent fire fighting.