Thursday, July 28, 2011


The MHF and it's 1MAS program both have websites that are hardly updated.

But that is not the issue here as from the copy of audited accounts for last year handed to me, the MHF website cost RM4,500 to develop and design while the 1MAS website cost RM12,000.

So why the vast difference in cost? Care to answer that Chairman of 1 MAS Task Force or MHF Development Committee.

Also minutes of the 1 MAS Task Force meeting presented at the MHF Management Committee in June stated that a person was being paid to maintain or in other words provide content for the website. But all we see is one article of the Under 16 and nothing from the camp held in Seremban where select media were invited.

But then again who cares right as it's government money.

Stay tuned on the medical plight of a national player that had to pay his hospital bills on his own and wait months to be reimbursed while MHF staff get reimbursed the same month.