Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Well there appears to be lack of knowledge by those responsible towards conducting the draw for the Razak Cup that was held yesterday by MHF.

For how would one explain the presence of two teams from the same zone in one pool?

Take for example Penang and Armed Forces in Group A of Division One. The two teams played together in the North Zone Qualifiers with Armed Forces as Champions while Penang finished in second spot.

In order to be fair to all teams, there should have been two group champions and two runners-up in one pool. And once the two champions of zones were determined, it was easy to place the two runner - up teams into that pool and vice versa.

Now look at this scenario - Penang and ATM have played each other twice and in Malacca will meet for the third time.

But some smart person botched up the draw and the blame must be shared by those running MHF.

So will they do the changes? No chance whatsoever as they will not take heed of any comments, despite being true, provided by this blog.

Expect more farces to head your way when the tournament gets underway