Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The 1Mas team emerged champions at the WA F-H-E Cup in Perth but you will find nothing about their achievements in either the official MHF Website or the 1MAS Website where thousands of rinngit is parted to develop and maintain the websites.

This is indeed baffling as the whole idea of naming the team after an airline was to provide them the return of investment.

But when six officials are sent and none can send back news about the exploits of the team, that leads me to wonder what Return of Investment are we talking about.

Right from the onset this blog had no issues with the participation of the team but the manner in which it was named, with most of the 1MAS Steering Committee members having no knowledge it was named after an airline is shocking.

More so the fact that our government provides RM3 million per year as funding for the 1MAS program. Hence if there was to be any form of advert then rightfully it deserves to be our government.

Credit must go to the players for their achievement in Perth and kudos to them for the fine results achieved.

That is why this insignificant blog has opted to highlight their achievement and pays tribute for a job well done.


Group Stage

Defeated WA Under 16 : 2-0
Drew Japan Under 16 : 2-2
Defeated South West Academy of Sports: 3-1
Defeated WA Under 15: 4-1
Drew NSW Bushrangers Kelly Blues: 1-1
Defeated NSW Bushrangers Golden Thunderbolts: 5-0

Defeated WA Under 16 Schoolboys: 3-2