Monday, November 21, 2011


Well before some pea sized brained official that questioned just how many people read this blog, perhaps he might want to check why such incompetence exists in the first place.

Just follow this link and see for yourself how only Malaysia does not provide the number of international matches it's players has played in its submission of players for the Champions Challenge.

Now before they go on to shift the blame to team officials, one must also understand that the form, if incomplete should not have been submitted at all.

And coming back to that someone who questioned the readership of my blog, well for your information the blog enjoys worldwide readership, is also linked to two popular website and So we are talking about an average of 13,000 readers on a daily basis for a week at the least.

So it's readership is surely much higher, though slightly, on an average DAILY basis to your monthly salary.

So please check your facts for if you can remember I did check mine with you.

And at the same time how is it now that the top guns in Air Asia too are not aware of such a condition in sponsorship?