Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Since the Malaysian Hockey Federation or the Malaysian Hockey Confederation has opted not to invite me for the Press Conference to name the team for the Champions Challenge in South Africa, I will now release the team list and let them know that there are no secrets in hockey.

For Hafifihafiz Hanafi and Azlan Misron will be on the plane to Johannesburg this weekend and it is virtually the same team that played in Ordos minus Amir Farid and Fitri Saari, the duo who played at the recent Sultan of Johor Cup and emerged victorious.

Hafifihafiz did not play in Ordos as he lost his father just before the tournament while for newly wed Azlan it will be a welcome return after being dropped since the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup.

And while the MHF are on the boycott campaign, maybe they would care explain as to why the team is flying to Johannesburg via Doha, with a 4 hour stopover at Doha?

So the total flying time is around 15 hours, 7 from Kuala Lumpur to Doha and 8 hours from Doha to Johannesburg. And including the stopover we are looking at 19 hours of traveling.

If one were to fly the national carrier MAS, then it will only take 11 hours as it flies direct.

So who blundered here? Nevermind let's all blame the NSC, easy scapegoats right for they always get the short end of the straw.

Now let us see if the competent MHF officials who do not invite me for Press conferences will update their website with results from Johannesburg faster then this blog? Or will they do the natural thing - copy and paste then claim credit!