Thursday, May 9, 2013


While top hockey nations appoint personalities with good hockey credentials to run their national team department, the Malaysian Hockey Confederation are taking an unorthodox method towards achieving world class status.

For they have appointed someone to administer the National Team Department and the person is set to take up the position on June 1.

This is inline with the decision taken at the seminar in Johor Baru during the Sultan Johor Cup and a high powered cimmittee chaired by Dato Rahim Md Ariff was set up.

It has taken them 6 months in their quest to find the right candidate and the person chosen came highly recommended by MHC Secretary General Johary Aziz.

Another vital info is that the candidate is close to senior officials of MHC and has been given a lucrative package. And such is the ability and contacts that the person shares that the salary offered for what will end up as a glorified clerk is twice what MHC pay their Assistant Secretary, infact more then staff who have served diligently and faithfully for the past seven years.

So the likes of Charlesworth,  Roelant Oltmans and Terry Walsh, cringe in fear as MHC unveils their secret weapon soon.

Truly a world class acquisition.