Monday, May 13, 2013


As expected there were several surprises when the national team was named at the NHS in Bukit Jalil this evening by national coach Paul Revington.

But true to form the press conference was delayed as the Malaysian Hockey Confederation lived up to its form, as they awaited the arrival of its Senior Vice President Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad who was said stuck in a traffic jam.

The surprise inclusions were Ahmad Kazamirul Nasruddin and Meor Muhamad Azuan Hassan while in what comes as a major exclusion was the axing of national juniors skipper Mohd Noor Faeez Ibrahim.

Also making a return to the team were Azreen Rizal Nasir and Firhan Ashaari.

Those who were omitted from the last squad are Faeez, Amir Farid Ahmad Fuzi, Hafifihafiz Hanafi, Jiwa Mohan, Mohd Sallehin Ghani, Mohd Syamim Mohd Yusof, Mohd Amerullah Aziz, Shahrin Mohammad. Also left out was Ismail Abu, who is currently injured, was also left out but his condition will be monitored.

Among the squad are five players who are also in the National Junior squad preparing for the JWC in New Delhi this December. They are Faiz Helmi Jali, Meor, Mohd Izad Hakimi Jamaluddin, Fitri Saari and Firhan Ashaari.

The squad:

Ahmad Kazamirul Nasaruddin, Azlan Misron, Azreen Rizal Nasir, Baljit Singh, Chua Boon Huat, Faiz Helmi Jali, Faisal Saari, Izwan Firdaus Ahmad Tajuddin, Jivan Mohan, Khairulnizam Ibrahim, S.Kumar, Meor Muhammad Azuan Hassan, Mohd Shukri Mutalib, Mohd Izad Hakimi Jamaluddin, Mohd Fitri Saari, Mohd Shahrun Nabil Abdullah, Mohd Amin Rahim, Muhd Azzami Abadi, Muhd Firhan Ashaari, Muhd Ramadhan Rosli, Muhd Marhan Jalil, Mohd Razie Rahim, Nabil Fiqri Mohd Noor, Norhizzat Sumantri, Roslan Jamaluddin and Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin Tg Jalil

The October squad

1. Amir Farid Ahmad Fuzi
2. Azlan Misron
3. Baljit Singh Charun Singh
4. Chua Boon Huat
5. Faiz Helmi Jali
6. Hafifihafiz Hanafi
7. Ismail Abu
8. Izwan Firdaus Ahmad Tajuddin
9. Jivan Mohan
10 Jiwa Mohan
11. Kumar Subramaniam
12. Faizal Saari
13. Mohamad Sukri Abdul Mutalib
14. Mohammad Izad Hakimi Jamaludddin
15. Mohd Fitri Saari
16. Mohd Sallehin Abdul Ghani
17. Mohd Sharun Nabil Abdullah
18. Mohd Syamin Mohd Yusof
19. Muhamad Amin Rahim
20. Muhamad Azammi Adabi
21. Muhamad Ramadan Rosli
22. Muhammad Amerullah Abdul Aziz
23. Muhammad Marhan Mohd Jaliem
24. Muhammad Noor Faeez Ibrahim
25. Muhammad Razie Abdul Rahim
26. Nabil Fiqri Mohd Noor
27. Norhizzat Sumantri
28. Roslan Jamaluddin
29. Shahrin Mohamad
30. Tengku Ahmad Tajudin Abdul Jalil

On standby
1. Azreen Rizal Nasir
2. Kairulnizam Ibrahim
3. Kelvinder Singh Makbul Singh
4. Muhammad Azri Hassan
5. Muhammad Firhan Ashaari
6. Muhammad Izzat Mohd Rahim
7. Namasivayam
8. Shazril Irwan Nazli