Saturday, October 19, 2013


Things at the Malaysian Hockey Confederation seems to be going from bad to worse.

For how would one explain the mess in the organization of the RNA Cup - the national championships for women.

The tournament is to be held in Ipoh from Monday October 21 till Sunday October 27.

But until the time this post is written, neither the number of teams nor the fixtures have been released by MHC.

And this raises more questions - as to who actually runs competitions in MHC for it seems the Competitions Committee was not even consulted initially.

This is baffling as MHC is supposed to have been merged but how is it that individuals decide hosting of a tournament.

That is not all for it gets more interesting as Selangor is not participating in the tournament  - citing lack of funds.

But hold on, was it not Selangor that collected a cool RM600,000 for the Women Asia Cup last month?

Meaning they spent that amount on a six day tournament, where part updating teams pay their own board and lodging?

Mind you the Razak Cup cost Pahang RM300,000 and they paid for lodging of 14 teams over a 9 day period.

Something does not add up here.