Thursday, October 3, 2013


Former national juniors skipper Mohd Noor Faeez Ibrahim has opted to withdraw from the national squad to concentrate on his studies.

The 22 year old was recalled to the national training squad by coach Paul Revington after being left out for the last five months.

Though he was named into the training squad of 30 by Revington on September 20, Faeez failed to turn up for the training camp that commenced on September 30.

He however held a discussion with Revington on Tuesday and was scheduled to hold another discussion with regards to his timetable at the university but opted to withdraw today, informing Revington of his decision via email.

It is however ironic that Faeez took some two weeks to come to such a decision when he could have stated his stand and allow another player to be called up as replacement.

“Faeez sent me an email to say that he will not be able to join that national training squad as he wants to concentrate on his studies,” said Revington.

“The decision was entirely his and although I was uite prepared to listen and make minor adjustments to fit him in, I suppose he has the reasons for withdrawing from the squad.

“Honestly I would have loved to have a talent like him in the squad but since he has decided otherwise, I will respect his decision.”

With drawing from the current training squad means that Faeez will in all probability has lost his chance of making the grade for the World Cup training squad.

Revington has left out five players from the current national juniors squad to allow them to concentrate on the Junior World Cup in New Delhi that will be held from December 6-15.

The current training squad comprises of some players that were recalled and other fringe players like Faeez who had the talent to push for a place in the World Cup training squad of 30 to be named in January.

The national team is scheduled to play in the Super 9’s in Perth (October 17-20), the AHF Champions Trophy (in Japan from 1-9 November) and a Test Series in Korea this December.

With no major domestic tournaments over the next three months, the doors of the national team are likely to be closed on Faeez to convince Revington of another chance.