Friday, February 28, 2014


I am compelled to write this after certain quarters had implied that I lost out on the media jobs for the Azlan Shah Cup and the Champions Challenge 1.

For the Azlan Shah Cup it was clear that I will no longer be given the task after certain personalities had requested that I mark up the price and give them a cut last year, I refused obviously.

And matters were made worst when the Secretary of Perak HA had called me one night and in a mocking manner remarked, your mother died, ha ha ha. My mum was critical and passed away three days later.

But what hurst me the most was that a friend of 30 years stabbed me in my back and took the contract. But that's what greed does.

As for the Champions Challenge, I withdrew my proposal after the Hon Secretary of MHC, who did not sit in for the presentation by two companies, had voted against me.

It was evident that FairPlay was not being practiced hence I wrote an email to withdraw right away.