Monday, March 14, 2016


It came as a shock and disappointmentto many Hockey fans when the Best Player Award of the MJHL  was not announced as the Chua Boon Huat trophy.

Chua passed away in Auhust 2013 and the following year it was decided that the trophy will bear the name of the Malacca born player.

And members of his family were always invited for the MJHL final to present the award.

It is inexcusable for such an omission with the excuse being its anew set of people running the national body.

There are many that are willing to step forward to take accolades for things others have done yet these same personalities are hiding or doing a deflection when a grave error is committed.

Some have been there longer then the furniture and should have given the proper advise to those who are new.

An apology to the family of Chia has to be made and the error rectified.

Let us remember the contribution of a Son of Hockey that brought glory and Honour to our great nation.