Saturday, July 16, 2016

Strange Decisions

As predicted by this blog, the closing date for registration of players for the MHL has been extended to next Friday.

Not surprising given the lax of enforcement of regulations by the parent body.

But there is another interesting topi or rather topics to talk about.

Firstly its with regards to the "new" tournament introduced for the teams in Premier and First Division.

If it is a "new" tournament then on what basis were two teams KL Hockey Club and Terengganu HT given byes for the first round?

If the decision was based on the fact that they were the the two teams who dominated the tournament last year, my answer is simple , this is a new tournament and as such it should be an open draw for all 14 teams and no such thing as giving these two teams byes.

A clear case of not engaging in the rules of fair play,

Next we talk about the so-called punitive action with regards to imposing fines on players who abuse umpires or match officials.

Once again this is an ambiguous regulation that gives rise to being abused.

Once again take a look at Football, there is a list of disciplinary actions taken for Offences committees that include suspension and fines.

It sick early spelt out in Football and it's called the disciplinary code and must be approved by the Executive Board, not by a Competitions Committee that comprises of those who lack knowledge about the game.

Then we come to the decision of the period MHL will be held for the next 4 years, boldly saying that it will be from January to March for the next four year period.

Firstly the notion that w can entice players from foreign countries is downright rubbish as we will be competing against the Hockey India League that runs from Mid January to Mid February.

And what about the national team preparation for the Azlan Shah Cup that is held annually in late March or early April? But then again who cares as the sanction fee can cover everything right!

Then the decision to move the MJHL to the middle of the year is another flawed decision as most teams in the MJHL are school teams or players who are still schooling. This means the MJHL starts in June and ends in August, and which parent will allow his exam bound child to play the sport with exams barely two months later?

The MJHL has been slotted in the early part of the year since 1995 due to the schooling issue. But who cares about development when it's the interest of the six teams that is of paramount importance then development of younger players!

I will save my comments with regards to the fixtures, prize money and other matters for tomorrow as I am having a good laugh over these intellectual decisions made by those with an agenda.