Sunday, July 17, 2016

What Increase

As promised this blog will now share its thoughts with regards to the so called hefty increase in prize money for the MHL.

The media reports stated that the Malaysia Hockey League will see a hefty increase in prize money.

It was reported that the increase was in the region of RM139,000 (from RM514,000 in 2015 to RM 653,000).

This is indeed laughable after taking a serious look at the complete figures and comparing them to last years.

What was not clearly stated is that RM102,000 is the prize money for the newly introduced knockout competition. 

A so called new tournament does not mean an increase but a new tournament.

Once you take away that amount, then the increase is only RM37,000.

However of that amount a total of RM33,000 is the increase for the ladies category.  And mind you there is a 50 per cent decrease in the participation of the women's league as last year there were 11 teams while there are only 6 this time around.

So in actual fact the increase for Division One and Premier Division amounts to RM 4,000.

Wow, what a hefty increase indeed!

There was another omission that was not stated. 

Last year the fourth place team for the TNB cup was reported to have received RM30,000.
Now that is not reflected in the figures given out by the competitions committee (see attachment).

This year the fourth placed teams do not receive any prize money. 

And for the special awards, such as the best player and top goal keeper who are given RM1,000 is also removed.

So basically what increase are they talking about?

The two attachments speak volumes. 

All the competitions committee needed to do was to say that there is a new tournament and what the prize money is worth?

One wonders what really goes through the minds of these so called officials. 

Please call a spade a spade.