Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Slow Death of MHL

The MHL will just be another competition held to complete the annual calendar.

This is the assumption that can be made after entries closed on July 1 for the 2016 edition.

And this reflects the sad state of affairs of the sport as its premier tournament has been reduced to just another Hockey event held annually.

Much was promised by the new administration but in the end these numbers do not lie.

1. THT
3. Sapura
4. Maybank
5. TNB
6. UniKL

Div 1.
1. Nur Insafi *
2. UiTM ^
3. ATM Airod*
4. TNB Thunderbolts *
5. BJSS *
6. SSTMI *
7. Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh ^
8. Politeknik Malaysia



1. Blue Warriors (PDRM)*
2. PKS-Uniten-KPT *
3. ATM Pernama *
4. SSTMI *
5. Politeknik Malaysia *
6. THT *


Penang Juniors
KL Sukma
MSN Kedah
SSTMI Thunderbolts
Uitm Lions

While the problems of the Premier League continues, the dwindling figures of teams in the Division One and the Women's League is a cause of concern.

The very fact that many states are not represented in the MHL shows that there is no progress or development of the sport, no matter what the leadership may claim. The numbers reflect that and before they go on saying the quality over quantity one just need to look at the number of teams from states to see that all is not rosy.

The so called elite club of the Premier League will one day see a natural death as rules continue to be ignored.

Promotion and demotion has been part of the MHL since 1990 when the two division format was introduced and it's just that far too many ignorance  of rules has taken place to see this not implemented.

Well looking at it one will say it suits the calendar well as more teams means the dates will have to be extended and this was something those in charge did not want.