Saturday, November 24, 2012


Whrn the MHC formed their committees, it was decided that they will serve until 2013 and a change of guard will be initiated.

The year comes to an end soon and seriously the time has come to review the role and effectiveness of members in the various committees and even the Chairmanship as some are just clinging on just because they hold positions as top brass of MHC.

And some are just in one committee too many so much so that it is akin to what the Malay language defines as "Gila Kuasa" or simply put Power Crazy.

There are 12 Vice Presidents, and as many as 4 do not hold or serve in any sub committees, let alone chair the committees.

I was fortunate enough to have served the Technical Committee of the Competition Committee and respectfully left the continuance of my services to the new chairman M.Gobinathan as I was appointed by the previous chairman Dato Abd Rahim Md Ariff. I had indicated via SMS to Dato Rahim my desire to leave this committee after being ridiculed by one B.Muthukumar and V.Rajamanickam on thr issue of appointment as the ATD in the last Sukma.

However Dato Rahim, a true gentleman and who rules with his head rather than heart declined my resignation attempt and did not even bring it up at any meetings.

When this was pointed out to Gobinathan and MHC Secretary, they both checked and confirmed the truth from Dato Rahim.

Yet Muthukumar had the cheek to claim that since I had formally resigned, I was no longer welcomed to attend the Competition Committee meeting on Sunday November 25.

I am not losing sleep over it as other members of the Competition Committee lacked the scoratal gumption to even state their stand when the views were sought over the email, including Tuan Haji Johari Aziz the Secretary of MHC.

Suffice to say that clinging on to seats as some do within MHC is not something that I intend to do.

I shall continue to sit outside and point out your weaknesses MHC as its no big loss to me.