Monday, May 24, 2010


After a high by defeating Holland on Saturday, the National Under 16 team were brought down to earth as Germany trashed them 7-0 at the 4 Nation Invitational.

Below is the email received from Johari Abd Aziz with regards to the match against Germany. Malaysia take on Belgium in their final match today.

Today we played with Germany,we lost 0-7.we were down 0-5 in the first half all through field

and 2 nd half we let in 2 more through 1 field goal and 1 pc.Our boys were lerthagic due to hard fought

match vs Holland yesterday.The German after poor start yesterday having draw with Belgium yesterday

played a better game today and capatilise on our boys lerthagicness.

The other match of the day Holland been held by Belgium 4-4.

We will be playing Belgium tomorrom at 10.30am.and Holland will played with Germany at 13.30pm.

Tomorrow matches will decide the standing.

Standing after 2 round Matches. 1) Germany 4 points. 2) Malaysia 3 points 3) Belgium 2points 4) Holland 1 point.