Friday, September 30, 2011


It seems that an EGM for Malaysian Hockey Confederation ( MHC ) has been scheduled for October 8.

The constitution of MHC states that a total of 10 affiliates each, from the Malaysian Hockey Federation and Malaysian Womens Hockey Association are the affiliates of MHC and shall partake in any AGM or EGM.

While it is easy for the MWHA to meet the requirements of 10 affiliates, the MHF has 16 affiliates and 10 have been sent notices to attend the meeting, which will determine the new constitution of MHC.

While the FIH has given a deadline of December 31 as a final date of merger, or in other words to have a single body to govern hockey in Malaysia, it does not mean that FIH dictates the composition of the office bearers as some has misled the MHF and MWHA.

What is clear is that some quarters in the current MHF want to oust Deputy President Dato Azmi Ahmad as the MHC only has one position for a Deputy and if the President is a man then the Deputy automatically comes from the ladies.

And if that is not enough, there will be 10 Vice Presidents, five each from both sexes.

Not even the IOC or OCM provides for a 50/50 composition of it's committees.

So who picked the 10 affiliates to represent MHF? On what basis were they selected? And what meeting of MHF decided to pick these 10 affiliates to attend?

These are the questions being posed today and there are moves to take this matter to the Sports Commissioners office as MHF has bungled, either by error or by design.

Abd those guilty of mis-representation have to answer the remaining 6 affiliates as to why they are being left out.

Presidential discretion is one answer that is likely to arise, but no one should be above the constitution lest there by claims of self interest or protecting their own positions.

Of course the MWHA are happy, for being virtually non existent they now share the power base for hockey in Malaysia, reminds us of the Ali Baba story's we often hear in the business world.