Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Seems that the administrators of the 1MAS Program deem themselves as gods as they cannot be taken to task.

It is learnt that the NSC Director General, who is the Chairman of the Task Force or Steering Committee has sent a letter akin to a show cause to a state official for highlighting the weakness of the program.

Since the DG apparently does not know what is happening, perhaps it's time for this blog to take on the 1Mas Program and highlight it's apparent weaknesses as it sticks out like a sore thumb.

And while you are all out defending the program, why not you make public why Dato Poon Fook Loke quit as Deputy Chairman in June.

After all it took the DG less then two weeks to come to the defence of someone but why has he kept quiet since June on Fook Loke's resignation?

My two cents advice to the DG is simple- you have far pressing matters on Malaysian sports to handle, so stop behaving like an IGP for sports and try to rap on every knuckles.

There are two sides of the coin so rather then make or rather write sweeping letters, it's best that you do a proper check and balance.

And at the next meeting please take to task Dato Yogeswaran for highlighting the issue of the Project Director being the National Under 16 coach.

To make it more transparent, could you shed light how the 1 Mas website cost RM12,500 to design and payments of RM1,500 to maintain.

Mine is free lah!