Tuesday, September 27, 2011


While a new era will dawn on Malaysian Hockey on Wednesday with the launch of the Sultan of Johor Cup in Johor Baru, it is in Klang Valley where three important decisions are set to be made.

Firstly the JKP, or known as the Joint Committee between NSC and MHF will sit down Tuesday morning and decide on matters pertaining to the national team.

And what is interesting is the fact that USM has requested that two of their staff, who are national trainees, be released on three occasions to play in the Penang league, yes you read it right, Penang League.

Now while I abhor decisions made by national coach Tai Beng Hai with regards to his selection criteria ( obviously inclined to please a particular party) as well as his constant change of mind on the MHL, I am awaiting what he decides on this matter.

For I am told that he has indicated that the decision was a " policy matter " hence the JKP or MHF Management Committee must decide, thus washing his hands off.

But for heavens sake, you are the national coach and if you cannot make a stand then best step down now lest you use whatever decision made as an excuse in an event of failure in any international competition.

It is so simple - if USM are the employers, and the request is for days the national team trains, then just weigh what is decided for the MHL.

The players are released for their MHL clubs a day before the matches, so if there are matches on Wednesday, players can go off on Tuesday, simple right so why complicate matters.

But the question that begs to be asked is if the MHL clubs that these two players represent risk then traveling to Penang and play in the league a day before crucial MHL matches and quarterfinals?

Now one has to be supportive of employers and just because USM may not be as forceful as other employers, one cannot hide behind red tape to avoid making sensible decisions. What if the employers were TNB or banks that have their own event where the players were required?

The second decision pending this week is about an umpire who has threw mud on the face if the MHC Umpires Board by writing directly to the FIH Umpires Board.

Now mind you this was the same umpire who was involved in the infamous kicking incident which the MHC Umpires Board opted to back him.

And now six months later he has bit the hands that feed him.

The third decision pending is the conduct of an ATM players after their match against Maybank where the umpires submitted a written complaint.

Interesting week it looks so let's wait and see what direction MHF heads.