Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Today was the closing of entries for the Malaysian Hockey League.

The MHL is scheduled to commence on March 22 and teams who wished to participate in the 2013 season were required to submit their entry.

They need not submit the names of players, only a duly completed form with the stipulated entry fee.

But no statement, press release, website update was noticed until 5pm and an email was duly dispatched to the MHC Secretary with copies extended to M.Gobinathan the Chairman of the MHC Competitions Committee and HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

A reply from the MHC Secretary was duly received at 6.20pm and it stated that "will update tmrow".

It was a fairly simple request, what were the teams that had confirmed their entries and what Division were they placed?

Guess this blog did not follow "procedure" as pointed out by the MHC Deputy President the other day.

So guess we just have to wait for someone to sit down and write the release before news can be considered news as per the high standards set by MHC.

By the way hope all got the fixtures of the 22nd edition of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup which was also released by a mere blogger.