Saturday, September 10, 2011


It is clear that the celebrations in the Malaysian hockey has began just because the team at Ordos have made it into the bronze medal playoff.

SMS sent out by MHF were laced with happiness as they felt vindicated that their target set , a top four finish , has been achieved.

A lofty target to start with and that too came due to results of other matches that came our way - had Korea won against China then we would have missed out the target right?

Now the coach will claim that his decision to drop the senior players was justified and that he knew what he was doing and so forth.

Frankly he and not Malaysian hockey is on the learning curve for finishing third or fourth is no big deal.

Our target should have been a top two finish, as simple as that for we are Asian Games silver medallist.

Well, let's just wait and read what the main stream media will say on this so called success.

And yes, it's one hell of a long curve that we are learning from.