Sunday, January 15, 2012


Malacca who were awarded the hosting rights for the Junior Asia Cup may not get to play hosts after all.

Having won the bid at the AHF Council meeting held on the sidelines of the 2011 Azlan Shah Cup, Malacca have failed to get things moving, especially with regards to the stadium facilities.

Malacca we're to improve the facilities by providing two additional changing rooms as well as a proper media room besides making significant changes to the grandstand on the main pitch.

However nothing seems to have got off the ground despite Malacca Hockey Association having submitted the proposals to the state government.

And AHF are not at all amused at the turn of events given that the Junior Asia Cup that serves as the qualifiers for the 2013 Junior World Cup is scheduled to be held from May 3 to 13.

It will be a shame if Malacca loses the rights given the fact that the two key officials in the Malaysian Junior side are from Malacca in the likes of manager Mirnawan Nawawi and coach K. Dharmaraj.

Malaysian Hockey Federation Deputy President Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad however feels that the Malacca government will get the upgrading works completed and the event will be staged in Malacca.

"We will send a note to the state government to call for an urgent meeting to resolve the issue and ensure that all requirements of the AHF are adhered to," said Azmi.

"There is an option of moving it to Bukit Jalil but let us not consider that option just yet."