Sunday, January 8, 2012


Well checks by a journalist at the Sports Commissioners Office has revealed startling information.

For the Malaysian Hockey Federation has yet to be dissolved as of last Friday as the necessary documentation has yet to be submitted by the MHF.

And the way the EGM was rushed through on December 17 gave the impression that all the documents were ready and it was merely a procedure to dissolve MHF.

But apparently the MHF President has yet to sign a particular form and it is peculiar why that could not have been done at the end of the EGM.

Now technically MHF is an illegal body and if is learnt that efforts are underway to transfer funds from MHF to MHC.

So I guess it's quite alright to pay scant respect to the laws of the country as well as be morally right for doing something so obviously wrong.

As they say, power crazy officials are the bane in society, for they openly defy regulations, so what difference is there between MHF, MAU, FAM and BAM. Birds of a feather flock together.

Over to you Minister, try being fair for once, take FAM to the cleaners together with MAU please as to err is not human, not when that's what they do year in and year out, it's just incompetence.