Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Watch the video captured by yours truly where His Royal Highness Sultan Azlan Shah, the life president of the Malaysian Hockey Federation takes the national coaches to task on the performance of the team in the match against China, which incidentally Malaysia won 2-0.

Rather then write about it, I leave it to the readers to make their own assumptions, from issues ranging to coaching methods, them declining help and also not having the winning mentality.

I must add that it was indeed rare to get HRH to speak on the fortunes on the team but when he speaks his mind, its earth shattering.

And talking about MHF, it was sad that no MHF official was present at the stadium to receive HRH Sultan Azlan Shah.

Although HRH may have decided at the last hour to witness the match, the fact that only K. Krishnan, a  staff of the MHF office was present. He was accompanied by Lt. Kol B. Muthukumar  in receiving Tuanku, the other office bearers of MHF missing.

A quick phone call by the Tuanku's aide to NSC Director General Dato Zolkples Embong saw the DG leaving a meeting to attend to Tuanku, a noble act given that MHF officials and the office was empty at 5.00pm, sans Krishnan.