Friday, August 24, 2012


Sometimes one wonders if the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. And that theory that either hand is not aware of each others doing was proven right when it came to matters regarding the Malaysian Hockey Confederation.

Upon returning from the Olympics, I was told by some members of the main stream media that newly appointed national coach was out of bounds for any interview. And further to that I was told that a special press conference would be held upon receiving a suitable date from the President of MHC, Tengku Abdullah Sulatn Ahmad Shah.

It was then that I decided to ask MHC Vice President Manjit Majid Abdullah via email as he was after all the Coaching Chairman of MHC.

And as expected, given Manjit's friendly disposition, I received a claer reply, that there was no such instruction that Revington could not give an interview.

Thus I made arrangements via MHC Secretary Tuan Haji Johari Abdul Aziz to meet and interview Revington today (Friday) around 11.30 at the MHC office. And it was at 1055am that I was told Revington was in office, hence I rushed to Bukit Jalil.

"I am sorry but really I cannot say much as I have been told that a press conference will be held by MHC and I am adhering to the instruction," was all Revington was willing to be quoted on.

"I believe that MHC is holding a press conference and I am willing to speak then."

One understands perfectly well the situation Revington is, and as a professional he has to abide by rules and regulations.

But at the same time the media too has a role to play and MHC's peculiar stand is indeed intriguing to say the least.

Perhaps it was wrong to approach Manjit as there are others more powerful then him, and by this I do not mean the MHC President.

But having been removed as Media Officer of the FIH Congress after being appointed at the MHC Executive Board meeting in June, I believe anything is possible these days.