Saturday, August 25, 2012


Further to my posting of the Sultan of Johor Cup the other day, I received a SMS from a key personality of the tournament stating that I had my facts wrong.

It is funny how some opt to defend themselves by just stating that we have our facts wrong instead of trying to shed light on the matter.

A good administrator would have attempted to provide clarification instead of trying to mock the blog with insinuations such as not being factually correct.

Since its all about facts, maybe he would be kind enough to respond to the following factual questions posed.

Is it factually wrong that the tournament dates were moved from the original dates without paying scant respect to Deepavali? ( Though I admit factually I forgot to add Awal Muharam to the story).

Is it factually wrong that Holland withdrew after the dates were moved?

Is it factually wrong that the list of teams confirmed has yet to be officially stated?

Is it factually wrong that they are talking about next years event when even teams for this year have yet to be ascertained?

Is it factually wrong that the tournament dates were moved to accommodate the participation of the senior side to the Champions Challenge in Argentina?

Is factually wrong to state that MHC does not know the teams coming when this was the answer provided when asked?

Well I actually administer the and I can factually state that this is all the facts that we have with regards to the tournament.

So maybe it's time to factually change the site to be the UNOFFICIAL site for the tournament, which I will take the liberty to do so since now its factually true I have ruffled feathers by stating facts.