Monday, August 20, 2012


In just over two months time, the second edition of the Sultan Johor Cup will get underway.

The original dates were changed to accommodate that national team that will participate in the Champions Challenge 1 Tournament in Argentina.

There was no consideration given to the fact that bringing the tournament forward will affect the Deepavali celebrations that fall on November 13, smack in the midst of the tournament.

However putting that aside, since this would never have happened in the past, the shift of dates actually has had adverse effects on the teams participating.

Holland withdrew after confirming, as did Argentina who were keen but the change of dates forced them to reconsider.

So who is actually participating?

Going by some reports it's the usual suspects in the likes of India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

There were hopes and aspirations of making it a 7 team affair so the replies are awaited from Great Britain, Germany and Spain.

But with the so-called powerful international connections that key MHC officials claim to have, it is a surprise that we are struggling to get conformation of teams participating.

The MHC secretariat has no clue about the invites as all is being handled by the JHA.

So why talk about the 2013 event when o e cannot sort out the teams for this time around?