Thursday, August 30, 2012


It is learnt from fellow journalists that newly appointed national coach Paul Revington will call up players for national training right after the MHL is over on October 10.

And with Razak Cup commencing on October 14, that means the players will only join the their state teams on the eve of the tournament.

Revington might not be aware that the Razak Cup is celebrating its 50th anniversery and is the longest running event besides the Malaysia Cup of football in the nations sporting history.

"I will watch the Malaysia Hockey League (starting on Saturday) to select 25 to 30 players for a few days of training before releasing the players to their state teams for the Razak Cup."

That statement effectively deals a blow to the Razak Cup, and since MHC now have dealt a severe blow to the tournament named after the current Prime Minister's father, its best to call it off since it shows that the Razak Cup should be sent to the archives.

Wonder what the states will have to say, knowing them nothing as all they are interested is in junkets.