Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sasc - Locals Snubbed

UThere is an old saying - when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

But there seems to be a lull on the question, when you hire monkeys, what does one get?

Well let's leave that aside and turn our attention to something that caught my eye during the Azlan Shah Cup that ended on Sunday.

While it was the 25th edition of the event, some have obviously not learnt from mistakes made in the past or make an effort to correct things.

Let's not even go to the fact that the souvenir program book came out a day before the final and was pathetic to say the least as it contained nothing worthy. And it may soon be a issue for the courts as there was plagiarism with articles reproduced without permission.

What irks me is the lack of protocol by the Organising Committee and scant respect to the locals.

Why on earth was a paid employee of AHF Tayab Ikram given so much prominence, by being seated next to the Perak Chief Minister during a match and being called upon to present the prizes to the third placed Trans?

Why were officials of the MHC not given the due respect they deserved as rightfully Perak HA is an affiliate of the MHC!!

Such blatant disregard for protocol is an embarrassmentto the nation as much more needed to be done.

For instance former Perak international players who represented the nation at the Azlan Shah Cup could have been invited to present the individual awards.

Players such as Foo Keat Seong, Ahmad Fadzil, Mohd Sayuti, MA Sambu, Nor Saiful Zaibi, Tai Beng Hai... And the list goes on and on.

What has AHF contributed to the tournament directly or indirectly? Nothing one could say Abd yet they get more prominence then the local body.

Perak HA must be accountable for snubbing the local heir achy and such actions should never be allowed to happen in future.

Ab apology to MHC is the correct thing to do.