Thursday, April 21, 2016

Whose domain to sanction

Before talking about imposing sanction fee on the Azlan Shah Cup and Sultan Johor Cup, the MHC should look at the procedures - who actually provides sanction to this two events.

It is the FIH that gives the sanction as it is a tournament that comprises of teams from various continents, thus a global affair.

And from what little is known FIH does not charge any sanction fee as it has discretion over it.

Coming back to the question of AHF, they have every right to charge a sanction fee for tournaments under their auspices within the continent.

The move by MHC could have a spiral effect as now state HA's could start imposing sanction fee on their affiliates and it might get out of control.

There are cases where sanction fee is charged by a national body in Malaysia but it is for events or matches that are Organised by event management companies or promoters,

Here these two events are Organised by the affiliates of MHC so really why the issue of imposing sanction fee.

And with regard to the nominal fee, does MZhC really need that token to do development of the sport in the country?

So one has now to assume why sanction fee is to be imposed as two wrongs cannot make one right.