Monday, September 28, 2009


Having touched on two aspects, Competitions and National Teams, we move on to something that is of great concern to fans and critics of Malaysian Hockey.

The subject of administration will touch the raw nerve of every official in MHF but ironically everyone remains in a state of denial, and rather then improve things, even marginally, we see it sinking to lower depths, no thanks to some inept officials who continue to use hockey as a tool to expand their wealth rather then the standard of hockey within the country.

Of late the emphasis has been not hockey but rather trying to find out just who is the source of the stories published on this blog. Concentrated efforts have been made by an official who has gone around calling officials to try and find out just who spoke to me rather then make public the decisions that have been made.

That is why I keep saying that MHF officials never look at the larger picture, but rather paint a rosy picture for the benefit of the MHF President.

Well below are my opinions of MHF administratively:


Currently in shambles as information channeled out to the state HA’s is very slow.

Lack of understanding on the role of Secretariat as no proper planning conducted. Calendar for 2010 should have been discussed much earlier.

Website not up and running despite being launched some six months ago and poor communication and personal skills with State HA’s.

Unfocussed with last minute decisions, unable to ensure Sub-Committees function and poor relationship with government agencies as well as media and sponsors.


No clear financial guidelines and information on this made available to State HA’s.

Lack of initiative with regards to marketing the domestic competitions as well as international events.


Hardly hold meetings, only do so when Council Meeting is about to be held. Constitution requires a meeting every 3 months at the very minimum.

Wrong person in the right job. Lack of understanding of their roles as Chairman of the Sub-Committees.

No development plan made available to states despite ten months of committees being formed.

MHF Constitution was to be amended in line with advice by President but no draft provided as of yet