Tuesday, September 8, 2009


There is a report in one of the Malaysian dailies that Engku Malek has quit the national team as he is recovering from an injury sustained in the Champions Challenge Tournament in July this year. Ironically the announcement was only made yesterday and all were kept in the dark as to his withdrawal when the team resumed training on August 31.

If the player was really injured, shouldn't that fact be verified by the National Sports Institute and why was he allowed to remain on the team for the last two months if there was no hope for him to recover in time for the World Cup Qualifiers this November? Why was he allowed to collect the monthly allowances?

Just how many other players are on this so called injured list? MHF should make public the team list and not keep it under wraps, especially since a joint Project Team Meeting was held last Thursday at NSC and the end result of the meeting was more "strange" then a John Grisham book?

Well, I can safely say that TWO players are on the verge of throwing in their towel as so far as the national team is concerned while another is expected to follow suit. That means four players would have quit, not taking into account the other two who were dropped for failing to recover from injuries in time.