Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Having touched on the issue of the new conditions set by Yayasan Hoki Malaysia with regards to the Test Match cap issue, a clarification was sought from the International Hockey Federation and below is what is INTERNATIONALLY recognised. And the response from the umbrella body is clear for all those who understand English.

It is learnt that Yayasan Hoki Malaysia had introduced a regulation to do away with caps earned from Test Matches in March 2007 and that the MHF had agreed to this.

However everything was swept under the carpet and those who were directly affected, the national players were never briefed on this matter, despite the two years since MHF had approved it.

A clarification on this issue was also put forward to Tan Sri P. Alagendra who promised to look into this matter.

"We introduced guidelines with regards to matches as there were too many friendly matches that were deemed by some as Test Matches," said Alagendra.

"I am well aware that Test Matches are to be considered as international caps and the player concerned can come see me to resolve the issue. The matter will be discussed at the next Yayasan board meeting."

Definition of International Cap

Date of Issue: August 2009


Currently each National Association sets its own rules to determine what it considers an official international match for the purpose of recording caps for players. In addition, certain criteria are currently used to determine what is an official international ‘cap’ for an umpire.


For the purpose of consistency it is recommended that all National Associations use the following criteria to establish whether or not a match is an official match for the purpose of caps (for players and umpires):

(a) Outdoor and Indoor Internationals should be maintained and counted separately.

(b) An International match be defined as:

- an official match between national Senior A teams played in an approved FIH or Continental Federation tournament

- an official match between two Senior A teams that is registered with the FIH (ie Test Match series)

(c) For a Test match to be counted as an International it must be played in accordance with the FIH Tournament Regulations (ie maximum 16 players, normal time, formal Match Sheet, match controlled by Technical Official, etc.)

(d) For a Test match to be counted as an official International it must be registered with the FIH (ie A-Teams Inter-Nations Match Result Form, together with Match Report Form to be lodged with FIH).

Similar criteria to be used for number of internationals recorded for umpires, as well as for umpire upgrading purposes.

The same criteria to be used for Junior matches (U21), but any such matches should not be included in the Senior records of a player or an umpire.