Thursday, September 17, 2009


Since the Malaysian Hockey Federation is devoid of ideas on how to improve hockey in the country, I have come up with some suggestions that could be considered by the Committees within MHF, or even the President if he cared to read the blog.

It is an open secret that some top MHF officials have started campaigning for the MHF elections scheduled for 2010 and are said to have interfered with the elections at the state level, Negri Sembilan being the perfect example as to how trips were made across the border by a MHF official to ensure some personalities are removed from the state HA set up for asking too many questions.

The ideas are not new, but never implemented despite there been so much discussions and suggestions on how to raise the standard of hockey in the country.

For starters, lets have a look at the domestic competitions which come under the purview of the Competitions Committee headed by MHF Vice President Datuk Rahim.



- Each Team must register 4 Under 18 players, of which one player must play at all times.
- Matches in Klang Valley to be played at one venue and not spread out to sustain spectator
- National players in teams to be limited to a maximum of six players, list to be provided based
on 6 months prior to MHL.
- States can adopt teams, for instance Sapura/KL, Maybank/Johor, EY/Perak, UNIKL/Pahang
- MHF to source for foreign players and offer to teams, could use government to government
initiative with Australia or Germany.
- Proper planning required so as not to clash with European Leagues
- Coaches must posses Level 3 and above.


- Compulsory for all states, with the exception of Sabah and Sarawak to participate in Junior
Hockey League
- MHF to provide travel subsidy to the State teams participating in the JHL.
- Clubs can continue to participate independent of the State HA’s.
- In order to create more talented players with maturity, teams are required to register and play
two Under-16 players in every match.
- To work with Air Asia on possibility of participation of teams from Sabah and Sarawak.
- Coaches requirement of qualification - minimum Level 2


- To introduce Under 20 Tournament and retain the Under 23 Tournament
- Age Group Tournaments vital. Hence must organize Under 14 and Under 16 tournaments
where participation to be made compulsory failing which no subsidy for Junior Hockey
- Teams will be provided with accommodation and internal transport for the tournament by
host state via subsidy provided by MHF
- Failure to participate can lead to sanctions
- Champions Schools to be organised at zonal level
- Razak Cup Competion - scrape the two division format and opt for two groups of 8 teams
- Razak Cup coaches Level 3 and all other Level 2

Part 2 will touch on the National Teams followed by the MHF Administration, Development. And yes tis stuff is copyright.