Thursday, September 3, 2009


At 2.30pm today, the Malaysian Hockey Federation will sit across the table with officials from the National Sports Council to discuss the national hockey team program. The joint committee, known as the JKK, will determine if the trip to China is necessary given the fact that Malaysia is in the same group as China for the qualifiers. Should it decide against making the trip, then an alternate will have to be decided, a 3 Nation Tournament in Malaysia or making a dash to Europe sometime in October to play matches that will provide useful input to face the likes of Wales and Scotland.

In addition, the committee is also expected to discuss the likely withdrawals from the team as the coach Tai Beng Hai has his priorities cut out and will want to know just how much the bosses will back him.

Perhaps the committee should also have the guts to make drastic changes to Malaysian Hockey and opt to concentrate and build a team towards winning the gold in the 2010 Asian Games, hence an automatic spot for the 2012 Olympics.

Let's just wait and see what the wise (most of the time unwise) personalities from MHF will do to hoodwink NSC.