Monday, January 24, 2011


Remember the posting about throwing the Malaysian Hockey Federation constitution out? Well I promised there will be more to it, and here it is.

Firstly my apology with regards to the Umpiring Committee as they have followed the constitution with regards to the number of members, which is eight. It was meant to be the Competitions Committee as they have 9, with the inclusion of a Secretary who is not amongst the affiliates.

The same argument is being put forward now on the Secretary and Treasurer who are not the Chairman of the State Umpires Boards. We shall tackle this issue later.

What I like is the National Team Management Committee that met two Saturday's ago. And they invited the team officials of the National and Project 2013 team to attend the meeting and put forward their proposal. But when asked what was the decision, those present were told that the proposals will be sent to the Management or Council for deliberation and approval.

So why bother calling for a meeting since you cannot make a decision? And no prizes for guessing but it is the great MHF Deputy President that chairs this committee, so really can we expect any sane decisions from him?

The national assistant coach Tai Beng Hai is being taken for a ride by those in  MHF as he wrote a letter in June with regards to his salary but till today has yet to get a honest answer from those holding positions (some more then one) within the MHF. The standrd answer is MHF has yet to receive a reply from NSC.

But that reply was given six months ago. If NSC needs to pay all your coaches, with MHF not taking out a single cent, then why is the Deputy President chairing a committee that is akin to a postman?

Be fair to Beng Hai and pay him his dues. What is more sickening is that the welfare of the hockey coaches is not being looked after.

How come coaches are not given vehicles but everyone else within the MHF office is driving a sponsored car all over Malaysia? Want to know why, because the coaches are expected to pay for the upkeep of the car. It only happens in MHF though as in FAM, it is the employer who pays for the regular service.

And in the MHL, the coaches have to pay for their travel and hotel and await the payment from....yup you guessed it right, from NSC.

So why do we even have a MHF to start with. Oh yes I forgot, they need postman....