Sunday, January 30, 2011


These are things you will not find reported in any main stream media, and for obvious reasons for one and the incompetence of holding MHF Management and Council meetings on a day when the Malaysian Hockey League matches were played in Kuantan, some 270km away from the venues of the meetings which were in Kuala Lumpur.

For starters, the Management Meeting saw some officials seething with anger when the former ( I use former as he is out of contract) national coach Stephen van Huizen raised issues with regards to the status of Tai Beng Hai and himself with regards to the national team.

These matters were raised two weeks ago at the National Team Management Committee meeting but no action was taken. So obviously Stephen was right in raising the matter infront of the MHF President and the rest of the big wigs. And those who failed to take action, especially the Deputy President, were left fuming. 

And one official confirmed with this blog that Stephen's actions had brought about a sharp rebuke, so much so that in the Press Conference after the Council Meeting, the President said that he was going to meet Stephen and Beng Hai.

Next we had the issue of why the responsibility of running the domestic and international competitions was handed to the Assistant Secretary, something that certain affiliates are not happy about. The reasoning was that it was approved by the Management Committee. But lets take a look at a clause in the MHF Constitution and then make your own conclusions.

9.4.3. The Secretary General shall assist in the organisation of hockey tournaments and competitions, both nationally and internationally.

Next we move on to the issue of the flaws in the constitution. The President did raise this matter in his opening address, but in the end he stated that if it was not an issue then it stands. But Tuanku President, two wrongs do not make a right.

So rather then correct things, MHF opts to sweep problems under the carpet. Over to you Sports Commissioner, if you have the guts to take action.