Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Question marks have been raised with regards to the two officials who represented Malaysia at the International Hockey Federation meeting in Geneva last November.

This is due to the fact that the duo are not office bearers of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC), which is the rightful affiliate of the FIH.

The constitution of MHC clearly states that the President of MHC, in this case Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah will represent the MHC at all international meetings and in his absence, the Deputy, in this case Raja Noorashikin will be the representative.

And it makes it very clear that those who cease to be office bearers in the MHF/MWHA shall no longer be on the MHC Committees.

In the case of MHF, the two vice presidents that represent them in MHC are Nur Azmi Ahmad and Dato Dr. SS Cheema. And Cheema by virtue of losing at the MHF elections ceases to be the nominated Vice President of MHF.

So how did the Vice President of MHF end up at the FIH meeting whe he is not an office bearer of MHC. For the record MHC is overdue in holding their yearly elections and the last council meeting was held during Sukma in Malacca in June last year.

Perhaps the duo should come clean as to who misled the MHC President into sending them for the FIH Meetings when it was constitutionally clear that only office bearers of MHC can represent the nation internationally.

But what I and the rest will be more interested to know is who blundered in bidding for the Olympic Qualifiers under MHF when in the eyes of the FIH such an organisationa no longer exists.

The big question now is what will FIH say on MHC being represented by those without locus standi? Was it greed on the part of someone?